Risk Rating_What is the Site Risk Rating Score?

The Site Risk Rating-based graphs on the dashboard allow capturing a different picture of the study's current status. Instead of simply accumulating the binary information about whether the threshold of certain risk indicators was breached, a special preprocessing step was introduced. This step allows investigating the current status of sites for systematic behavior in the breaches of risk indicators.

The Site Risk Rating includes a score for Occurrence and a score for Severity.

The Occurrence score describes how often and how long thresholds were breached, also taking into consideration past breaches. This way, the score reflects systemic issues of a risk indicator and of individual sites.

The Severity score reflects the systemic behavior of an indicator across all sites. This allows us to capture information about how widespread the indicated risk can be. (E.g., a high occurrence score of a risk indicator suggests that the thresholds are breached by many sites and that the breaches are of a systemic nature. A low severity score indicates that the coverage of it is declining and not many sites are affected anymore.)

To capture this relationship, a third score is shown: the Site Risk Rating score. A high site risk rating score suggests a systemic risk across many sites. Sites can be ranked by this score and the rank reflects urgency.

This score can be viewed by choosing a concrete risk indicator in the site risk rating overview graph and looking at the site-to-site comparison graph.

If a risk is selected instead, the graphs represent the mean occurrence and severity over each affected site and indicator.

If nothing is selected in the site risk rating overview graph, a mean overall risk is displayed.

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