"Ask AI" for Actions Support

Struggling to draft effective risk mitigation actions? MyRBQM includes a tool called Ask AI that will be of great help to you: AI-driven risk mitigation action text generation. 

To use Ask AI: 

  1. When creating or editing a Risk Mitigation, click Ask AI to get an AI-generated mitigation action text suggestion: 

  1. Suggested text can be edited. Click Send request:

  1. The result of the request – Mitigation action text – can be seen in the Mitigation Action Suggestion field. After editing it, if needed, click Import text to mitigation action:

Note: The artificial intelligence (AI) model was trained to generate human-like responses to text prompts based on patterns and correlations found in large datasets. While it can provide helpful insights, it is not a qualified subject matter expert (SME) and should not be used as a substitute for SME guidance. Any risk assessment based on AI responses should be validated by a qualified professional and interpreted cautiously, as the model's predictions may not be accurate or applicable to every case. 

By default, the Ask AI functionality is disabled in MyRBQM, but can be enabled and configured easily in both Company and Study settings. More information about Ask AI settings is provided in the article Configure Ask AI. (See link below.)  

Ask AI is implemented via GPT model from Microsoft Azure Open AI service. The model uses only the information provided in the prompt, no additional data is used. AI model will not be taught using the Study information. 

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