Actions Review Option: "Once at [Vital Timeline date]”

The MyRBQM Vital Timeline shows key study milestones, such as first subject, first visit or database closure, and dates when the milestones are planned or expected. Sometimes, Risk Mitigation, Investigative/Corrective or Preventive Actions might be needed before one of the Vital Timeline milestone dates. Users can choose a Vital Timeline milestone date as a due date for actions in MyRBQM. 

By default, this functionality is disabled, but it can be enabled easily in the Settings at both the Company and Study levels.  More information on how to manage this functionality can be found in "Action settings." (See link below.)

When the option Once at [Vital timeline day] is enabled, it can be selected when creating or editing mitigation, investigative/corrective or preventive actions. The system will prompt you to choose the Vital Timeline event for reviewing the progress of your action goals:

If the selected Vital Timeline date is not defined in the study protocol, the system will immediately notify you. In this case, neither push notifications nor emails will be sent to remind the user to review the progress of the mitigation goals.  Please note that the same happens if the selected event date is removed from the Vital Timeline.  

It is recommended to review the study's Vital Timeline and input the dates:

After entering the necessary dates, be sure to Save:

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