Managing Groups

Groups contain users that should share the same set of preventive and mitigation actions. A group is always assigned to a study. Predefined groups are, e.g., “CRAs”. “System Admins” or “Study Manager”.

Managing Groups includes the tasks: Creating a New Group, Editing Groups, Adding a User to a Group and Removing a User from a Group.

To create a new group:

1.       Click Study Settings > User Groups.

2.       Under Select by, click Groups.

3.      Click Create.

4.       Fill a form. Description is optional.

  1. Click Create Group.

You can Edit the Group's name and description, and also Retire the Group.

To assign a user to a group:

1.       Click Groups under Select by:

2.       Select a Group (click on the Group name in the right-hand list):

3.       In the left-hand list, select users who should be in the group by clicking on their names:

4.       Click Save Changes.

To manage groups from a user's perspective:

1.       Select Users option in Select by:

2.      Select a user from right-hand list:

3.       In the right-hand list, you’ll see groups to which the user belongs (highlighted in yellow) and groups the user is not part of (shown in white icons). Select those groups to which you want to add the user.

To remove the user assignment to a Group:

  1. Click Users in Select by.
  2. Select the user.
  3. In the right-hand groups list (highlighted in orange), you will see all groups the user is member of.
  4. Click on the Group from which you want to remove the user. (It will be moved to the bottom list and will be shown in white icon),
  5. Click Save Changes.
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