Reducing the Amount of Tickets

To reduce the amount of tickets a study receives, try adjusting thresholds. Alternatively, you can mute or disable irrelevant KRIs. Just remember to close all of your tickets! The system will document for you the time, action taken, and the reason for closure. All of this can be exported at the end of the study from the Reporting module. 

  • KRI Thresholds can be Adjusted to either more closely or more loosely watch a specific Risk
  • KRI can be Muted to avoid Automatic Ticket creation (but still monitor it in the system)
  • KRI can be Disabled when monitoring is no longer needed

To Adjust, Mute or Disable a KRI Threshold:

  1. Click Study Settings.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Scroll to Risk Indicators, find the risk you'd like to change (Best Practice: CTRL+F to Search).
  4. To Adjust KRI Threshold: Enter the new number in the Value field or select Default.
  5. To Mute or Disable a KRI: check the appropriate box next to the specific command.
    1. "Automatic Ticket Creation Disabled" = No more automatic tickets will be made for this KRI.
    2. "Risk Indicator Calculation Disabled" = This KRI will no longer calculate.

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