System Requirements

EarlyBird® is a cloud solution and is designed for minimal impact on the customer’s infrastructure.

Web access

EarlyBird® is accessed via a web browser. All functionality, including study setup and administration, is provided via web access. The system features a modern web user interface with a responsive design and a fallback strategy for older browsers.

The best experience will be delivered if the customer uses a recent version of the following browsers:

  •          Microsoft Internet Explorer
  •          Microsoft Edge
  •          Google Chrome
  •          Firefox
  •          Safari
  •          Opera
  •          Chrome for Android
  •          iOS Safari
  •          Android Browser

Older versions are in general supported (down to Internet Explorer 8), but certain advanced features (such as report template design) might be disabled due to missing features. Cyntegrity cannot guarantee an acceptable performance on older web browsers.

EarlyBird® does not offer a specialized portal for mobile devices. Support for these is achieved via a special design technique “Responsive Design” which optimizes the user interface dynamically for any devices screen size. Web access via mobile devices is thus achieved by navigating to the same Web URL that is used on desktop systems.

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