Export and Import of RACT

The user has the ability to export a selected study to a file and import the study into another database into the selected study.

I. To export RACT:

Go to “StudiesList”.

Choose a study with risk assessment or create a study, and complete the risk assessment and make a release.

Go to the @RACT page, click on “Export This Study” in the header of the “RiskManagementOverview”.

Confirm by clicking on “Export” in the dialogue box.

You can find the exported RACT in your configured download destination folder (browser setting).

II. To import RACT:

Go to “StudiesList”.

Create a new study with any catalog and go to the @RACT page, click on “Import Study” in the header of the “RiskManagementOverview”.

Choose the study that you have exported from the explorer and confirm with “Open”.

Stay on the Risks overview page and check if all actions match the original study which was imported.

If you want to start editing, click on “Edit Working Draft” and start working on the draft.

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